Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey fam and friends,
Sorry for the delay in getting out the latest news...my bad. Mother-in-law is doing better with her Chemo treatments and didn't have the terrible side effects as she did her first round.

Played in another tourney and came in third place, currently top women points leader for the "Freeroll" elligible for a ladies event WSOP seat at this time. May need to try again just to make sure I have plenty of cushion between me and the next chick. If I make it to Vegas I expect you all will be saving up some scratch to come watch the tournament???

Work is great and very busy! What a blessing that is, also Randy is within the top 150 players that may be able to get in to the final points tournament.

The guys are good and protecting the fort while we are busy. I'll post some pics of them if time today.

I have my Waterproofing Manager in town this week and just got back about an hour ago from Tucson...educating the masses. lol.

Here's a good one...talked to mom tonight and she almost made Judy choke with a comment like "I wanted to loose some weight for the cruise but it just seems so hard to do...guess I'll have to take it with me" Totally cracked me up! Either I'm really tired or my mom is hilarious.

Love to All!
Good night.


  1. Sound like mom! I can't wait to get her and Goose alone on a big ship, then a tropical island, they will both have me in stitches! Love you BJ

  2. Hey have you peeked at my Blog spot? vickiandjim@blogspot.com. You will get a chance to keep up with Buck and his mischief.