Sunday, March 22, 2009

HI Family,
Sitting here with my mom in our nighties!!! Yes I'm in Ohio for a few days and got to come to Millersburg to visit with mom and most of the girls. Judy has been working long hours so I may not get to see her this trip but I will get to see her in April for the SISTER WEEKEND!!!
Randy is doing fine and his mom is doing much better with her chemo treatments...what a praise! We will be going to CJ Dannemillers tomorrow ( my almost favorite part of the trip) so if anyone out west is in need of nuts you better call me soon or you'll be left out.
Jack, Dally and Alec are still the same, onry, lazy and crazy...whoops sorry Alec you have been working hard!!
Mom got to see Vicki and Jim and Randy and My blogspots plus my best bud Brenda's. I'll be sure to give her the UL addresses so she can keep up with whats going on on the internet side.

Still number one women point leader in the Freeroll tournament according to Randy today. So I'm looking for cheap rooms in Vegas just to make sure this is a budget trip until I win the Millions...LOL!!
Love to all and Mom says "HI"
Bobbi Jo


  1. Welcome back to the Buckeye State. I guess this answers the question I asked Brenda on her blog.

  2. I wish I had sisters!!

    Miss you already!! LUV U MAN