Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well gang we've made it back safely from Vegas and not as light in the pockets as we could have been. Had a great time playing in the WSOP though I only lasted 2 1/2 hours. At least I can say I made it and had a great time.

Now on to some serious topics; as Randy and I walked our dogs this eveing we talked of many things and the one topic that comes up (by me) more than any is the functionality of our familys.
If you give someone something and expect anything (acknowledgement, thank you, or anything) in my opinion this is not giving with a joyful heart. A joyful heart gives things away and lets them go, no score card attached to tattle or gossip about. If God wanted us to boast about giving and how much He would have nothing to bless us for later. Our thanks would then come from earthly beings and that's it.

Good manners, virtue, morals and so on are another issue. When giving a gift, most of us are taught to, be grateful. The giver in another sense should never give with any expectations. Expectations lead to dissapointment.

A friend of mine emailed me this saying " We don't see the world as it is... We see the world as we are". So in my attempt to self evaluate my life and see what I can do to help others. I would like to give some helpful guidelines to research.

Always ask for forgiveness from someone that hurts, blames, leaves, or causes you any type of emotional response to their actions. Because it is not what they did that caused you pain it's because you had the wrong attitude about what they did. You are the only one that can control your own attitude and self discipline is one of the hardest traits to tame.

So now I will ask each and everyone that reads this "Please forgive me for my bitterness", "It's nothing that you've said or done, but that I've had the wrong attitude about what you've said or done."

Signing off for now!
Love and blessing to all!
Bobbi Jo