Monday, August 24, 2009

it's been a while

Hi Friends and Family,
WOW how time's been a couple months since I've been to this site to see what's going on. Randy and I are doing well and staying busy. We were able to do a lot of golfing this summer, the rates are great in AZ. Of course who else would want to play in 115 degree weather.
Then that came to a stop on the 14th of Aug. I had my ACL replaced again. I figure I'm young enough to heal now and still have a lot of fun in my 50's and 60's. We watched the American ladies bring home the Solheim Cup over the weekend and WOW can those ladies golf!!
The Texas Hold Em' is still going on strong and we had a game Sunday afternoon that Randy split 1st place in 3 out of 4 games (one of them was with me).
My mom sent me flower as a get well gesture and they were sooooo beautiful!! Now, of course, they are dropping pieces everywhere and must go...but they were still great while they lasted.
Talk to my sister Rhona for her birthday on the 20th and my brother-in-law Paul on the 22nd, but his birthday was on the 21st, it was just too busy at work to make time to call...sorry Paul. Next comes Trish Johnsons at work and then Myron and Jamie and lots more...busy August.

Well I must get back to work, I have a DR appt @ 12 and rehab @ 3. What was I thinking to set all of this up on a Monday!! Yikes
Love to all,
Bobbi Jo