Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Back and Happening!!

Wow where does time go...
I thought having a blog would motivate me to chat with family and friends more often but my career says "not so much".
I leave for NM in the morning and was just finishing up checking emails when I remembered I have this blog. I noticed after successfully signing on that my BFF has a blog as well. I read through the majority of hers to catch up (she has been very busy as well and even better at logging it). My little sister is as bad as me, she hasn't posted since she took my mom on a cruise with her, so I don't feel SOOO bad.
My week will seem like a tornado hit once I get back home. I first go to toastmasters at 6:30am then to see Eric Paul a very nice architect in Mesa then over to Cliff and Margie's to get one last hug before stopping by the house and checking for any forgotten info, brochures, samples etc. By 11am I should be well on my way toward Holbrook for the drive to ABQ. Wednesday starts off with double checking PPT for mis-spelled words and ease of use, then making sure lunch will be ready on time and the the Green Roofing presentation at NCA. By 1:30 I will need to be packed up and headed for Santa Fe to walk a project that needs bid with a contractor that is gracious enough to lend me his time. Then back to the hotel to catch up on emails and phone calls. Thursday early I will head to Las Cruses to meet Jose (my favorite) this contractor is a notch above the rest. He never tries to intimidate me or make me feel belittled, he has awesome manners and is quite humorous, he's definitely one of a kind. We will then go to NMSU to do some measuring for a waterproofing project that we need to order material to start. I think I will understand this system better from a hands on perspective. Once this task is complete I will have a little time to stop by a few architects in the area and make sure they don't forget about me in their next roofing spec. Our next trip comes up on the 3rd of Nov. to be continued...

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