Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Back and Happening!!

Wow where does time go...
I thought having a blog would motivate me to chat with family and friends more often but my career says "not so much".
I leave for NM in the morning and was just finishing up checking emails when I remembered I have this blog. I noticed after successfully signing on that my BFF has a blog as well. I read through the majority of hers to catch up (she has been very busy as well and even better at logging it). My little sister is as bad as me, she hasn't posted since she took my mom on a cruise with her, so I don't feel SOOO bad.
My week will seem like a tornado hit once I get back home. I first go to toastmasters at 6:30am then to see Eric Paul a very nice architect in Mesa then over to Cliff and Margie's to get one last hug before stopping by the house and checking for any forgotten info, brochures, samples etc. By 11am I should be well on my way toward Holbrook for the drive to ABQ. Wednesday starts off with double checking PPT for mis-spelled words and ease of use, then making sure lunch will be ready on time and the the Green Roofing presentation at NCA. By 1:30 I will need to be packed up and headed for Santa Fe to walk a project that needs bid with a contractor that is gracious enough to lend me his time. Then back to the hotel to catch up on emails and phone calls. Thursday early I will head to Las Cruses to meet Jose (my favorite) this contractor is a notch above the rest. He never tries to intimidate me or make me feel belittled, he has awesome manners and is quite humorous, he's definitely one of a kind. We will then go to NMSU to do some measuring for a waterproofing project that we need to order material to start. I think I will understand this system better from a hands on perspective. Once this task is complete I will have a little time to stop by a few architects in the area and make sure they don't forget about me in their next roofing spec. Our next trip comes up on the 3rd of Nov. to be continued...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello again,
Today is Monday, the longest day of the week, and I have a dental appointment at 4pm(what was I thinking).
It's rainy outside and a little colder than normal.
The boys are staying in and don't even want to go out to releive themselves...they don't like the cold or rain especially Dallas.
We went to Mexico since my last post and I'll put some pictures up here as soon as I get back from my appt.
Talk soon,
bobbi jo

Monday, August 24, 2009

it's been a while

Hi Friends and Family,
WOW how time's been a couple months since I've been to this site to see what's going on. Randy and I are doing well and staying busy. We were able to do a lot of golfing this summer, the rates are great in AZ. Of course who else would want to play in 115 degree weather.
Then that came to a stop on the 14th of Aug. I had my ACL replaced again. I figure I'm young enough to heal now and still have a lot of fun in my 50's and 60's. We watched the American ladies bring home the Solheim Cup over the weekend and WOW can those ladies golf!!
The Texas Hold Em' is still going on strong and we had a game Sunday afternoon that Randy split 1st place in 3 out of 4 games (one of them was with me).
My mom sent me flower as a get well gesture and they were sooooo beautiful!! Now, of course, they are dropping pieces everywhere and must go...but they were still great while they lasted.
Talk to my sister Rhona for her birthday on the 20th and my brother-in-law Paul on the 22nd, but his birthday was on the 21st, it was just too busy at work to make time to call...sorry Paul. Next comes Trish Johnsons at work and then Myron and Jamie and lots more...busy August.

Well I must get back to work, I have a DR appt @ 12 and rehab @ 3. What was I thinking to set all of this up on a Monday!! Yikes
Love to all,
Bobbi Jo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well gang we've made it back safely from Vegas and not as light in the pockets as we could have been. Had a great time playing in the WSOP though I only lasted 2 1/2 hours. At least I can say I made it and had a great time.

Now on to some serious topics; as Randy and I walked our dogs this eveing we talked of many things and the one topic that comes up (by me) more than any is the functionality of our familys.
If you give someone something and expect anything (acknowledgement, thank you, or anything) in my opinion this is not giving with a joyful heart. A joyful heart gives things away and lets them go, no score card attached to tattle or gossip about. If God wanted us to boast about giving and how much He would have nothing to bless us for later. Our thanks would then come from earthly beings and that's it.

Good manners, virtue, morals and so on are another issue. When giving a gift, most of us are taught to, be grateful. The giver in another sense should never give with any expectations. Expectations lead to dissapointment.

A friend of mine emailed me this saying " We don't see the world as it is... We see the world as we are". So in my attempt to self evaluate my life and see what I can do to help others. I would like to give some helpful guidelines to research.

Always ask for forgiveness from someone that hurts, blames, leaves, or causes you any type of emotional response to their actions. Because it is not what they did that caused you pain it's because you had the wrong attitude about what they did. You are the only one that can control your own attitude and self discipline is one of the hardest traits to tame.

So now I will ask each and everyone that reads this "Please forgive me for my bitterness", "It's nothing that you've said or done, but that I've had the wrong attitude about what you've said or done."

Signing off for now!
Love and blessing to all!
Bobbi Jo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey family and friends,
long time out of the picture...I MADE IT!!! I will be playing at the WSOP on June 7,8, and 9th at the Rio in Vegas. Though it was a close race and I ended up in third place for a bit, which is the worst feeling after being in 1st for so long. So now that the tournament is over I can rest at ease that the paper work has been sent and my seat is reserved.
Work is going good, staying very busy. Randy is also staying busy. Alec is still working at Goodwill and seems good with it.
Donovin is with me right now and I will be taking him to Dusty this afternoon so he can have his mom time. He is such a joy, what a fun kid...we love him so much!!!
Well I must print the boarding passes and get to the airport.
love to all
Bobbi jo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

HI Family,
Sitting here with my mom in our nighties!!! Yes I'm in Ohio for a few days and got to come to Millersburg to visit with mom and most of the girls. Judy has been working long hours so I may not get to see her this trip but I will get to see her in April for the SISTER WEEKEND!!!
Randy is doing fine and his mom is doing much better with her chemo treatments...what a praise! We will be going to CJ Dannemillers tomorrow ( my almost favorite part of the trip) so if anyone out west is in need of nuts you better call me soon or you'll be left out.
Jack, Dally and Alec are still the same, onry, lazy and crazy...whoops sorry Alec you have been working hard!!
Mom got to see Vicki and Jim and Randy and My blogspots plus my best bud Brenda's. I'll be sure to give her the UL addresses so she can keep up with whats going on on the internet side.

Still number one women point leader in the Freeroll tournament according to Randy today. So I'm looking for cheap rooms in Vegas just to make sure this is a budget trip until I win the Millions...LOL!!
Love to all and Mom says "HI"
Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey fam and friends,
Sorry for the delay in getting out the latest bad. Mother-in-law is doing better with her Chemo treatments and didn't have the terrible side effects as she did her first round.

Played in another tourney and came in third place, currently top women points leader for the "Freeroll" elligible for a ladies event WSOP seat at this time. May need to try again just to make sure I have plenty of cushion between me and the next chick. If I make it to Vegas I expect you all will be saving up some scratch to come watch the tournament???

Work is great and very busy! What a blessing that is, also Randy is within the top 150 players that may be able to get in to the final points tournament.

The guys are good and protecting the fort while we are busy. I'll post some pics of them if time today.

I have my Waterproofing Manager in town this week and just got back about an hour ago from Tucson...educating the masses. lol.

Here's a good one...talked to mom tonight and she almost made Judy choke with a comment like "I wanted to loose some weight for the cruise but it just seems so hard to do...guess I'll have to take it with me" Totally cracked me up! Either I'm really tired or my mom is hilarious.

Love to All!
Good night.